Daniel Candelaria, Marketing Consultant

With a BBA in Marketing and more than 7 years of experience in Marketing and Communications, my passion is to share my knowledge with businesses to help them succeed.

About Me

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Spending money on marketing is scary

Marketing is a necessary but scary expense to take on. I help my clients better understand how they can put their money to good use.

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Who I've Worked With

I’ve worked with a variety of businesses that have struggled with various marketing challenges, and know that it can be really difficult to find a marketing professional that is both knowledgeable and hard working.

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My Approach

What makes me stand apart from the standard marketing agency is my willingness to go the extra mile and my dedication to getting you results. 

My Promise to My Clients

While I can never promise a definitive outcome, I can promise that I will be dedicated to your business wholeheartedly and will offer everything I can to make you succeed.

Who I'm a Good Fit For

Anyone who’s frustrated or discontent with current marketing approach (or lack thereof). I find that, by working with me, my clients gain a sense of control over their businesses that they have struggled to maintain before.

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How to work with me

  1. Read my blog and download my free guide to get started
  2. Schedule a discovery call with me
  3. I will then recommend next steps based on your business’s and challenges and goals