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1. Who is the customer?

Who are you talking to?
1. Loved ones of those that have been written off, broken, marginalized and caged.
2. Advocates, people who are concerned social equity and justice, and prison reform.

What do they want?
1. Hope in the future, that their loved ones can be empowered, fulfilled, recovered.
2. Constructive change, unity, community, uniting families, building of communities, building of communities.

3. Who is Daedalus Ink?

Empathizing Statement: I know how painful it is to see your loved one self district and be helpless as you see it, taking their own life and youre just watching through a glass.

Authority: I was that son that broke their parents hearts. I am that neighbor with blood on his hands. I am that good old boy gone astray. I felt like a failure. Ive put my family through hell. But they never gave up on me. No matter what I did, they never gave up on me. They never believed I belonged in a cage. Never believed a cafe was appropriate. A cage a solution. Was appropriate. They never gave up hope. And family does that.

5. Call To Actions

Direct: Send Hope to a "Misfit"
Transitional: Get my blueprint to salvaging a loved one

7. Negative Outcome From Not Doing Business with Daedalus Ink

Generational poverty. Servitude. Slavery. Hopelessness. Death. Despair. Self destruction. Dejection. Destruction. Continue along the same trajectory. Degeneration.

2. What problem do they have?

Villain: There is a system profiting off of desperation, hopelessness, basic needs. Prisons don't help recover people but they aim to punish people. People who face prison time often have issues to begin with and they end up in a system that causes more trauma and mental health issues than it solves. Casualties of a socioeconomic system that profits from despair.

Problem at Face Value: Target demographic doesn't have the resources and opportunities they need to make a difference in their loved ones' lives or make a difference within the existing systems.

How customers feel because of the problem: Hopeless, desperate, powerless.

Philosophical problem: Nobody thought their loved ones would be caged. Nobody plans to lose a child to a cafe or a corrupt system/practice. It could happen to anyone. A family cant function without these people. Were all Meaningful. All family members

4. What Plan Does Daedalus Provide?

Process: 1. Never quit, never give up on your loved ones, know they are worthy. 2. Know you have a cause. Know you have meaning. Know that you're valuable. 3. Know you have options. (And I'm one of them). 4. Understand the process of recovery. 5. Start. Accept that change is constant and choose whether you are going to be constructive or destructive. Understand that you hand a choice that you have the power.
Agreement: I promise you will demonstrate what its like to hope. I promise that I will show the incarcerated what it's like to Hope

6. Positive Outcome From Doing Business with Daedalus Ink

Let someone know that you care during Mail call.


Las Revised 2021.03.13

The use of fonts that artistically represent the brand personality and mission of Daedalus Ink is pivotal to clearly communicating the brand. Daedalus Ink Typefaces portray boldness and uniqueness while adding a human touch that compels users to connect on a very personal level.

In addition to their ability to ability to represent the brand, typefaces were chosen based on their ability to be accurately displayed across a large assortment of web browsers and communication mediums. All Daedalus Ink typefaces are Web Safe.

Display Text
Designed by principal font designer Natanael Gama, Cinzel is a typeface inspired in first century roman inscriptions, and based on classical proportions. However it’s not a simple revivalism, while it conveys all the ancient history of the latin alphabet it also merges a contemporary feel onto it.

Within the context of the Daedalus Ink brand, Cinzel is primarily to be used for headers and titles.

Reenie Beanie
Accent Text &
Designed by principal font designer James Grieshaber, Reene Beanie is a font based on basic ball-point pen handwriting. It has a personal, which lends itself to casual, informal, or personal messages. With a little imagination, Reenie Beanie could be used to represent the scribbling of a mad scientist, or the recipes of a genius chef. Reenie Beanie is to be used primarily as an accent typeface, signifying dates, authors, or other information.

While in the right context, this typeface may be used for subheads or other prominent text, designers are urged to use their better judgement.
Nunito Sans
Paragraph Text
Nunito is a well balanced sans serif typeface superfamily, with 2 versions: The project began with Nunito, created by Vernon Adams as a rounded terminal sans serif for display typography. Jacques Le Bailly extended it to a full set of weights, and an accompanying regular non-rounded terminal version, Nunito Sans.

Nunito Sans is the primary text (reading) typeface for Daedalus Ink.

Brand Palette

The ink of my mind's eye.

The concept of this palette is to illustrate both the rich and diverse universe that exists within a writers mind while capturing the reality of having to express those thoughts in concrete and non-technological mediums, namely pen and paper.

Gunmetal Black, Concrete White and Charcoal Gray are used as a monochromatic foundation of this color palette, portraying the essence of writing using pen and paper. Jolts of Electric Blue, Heliotrope, Acidic Sea Foam, and Brilliant Rose appear over the blacks, representing the richness of a vibrant and distinctive internal world.

The colors combine several dualities represented by Daedalus Ink: Nostolgia & Progressivism; Imprisonment & Freedom of Thought; Institutional Strength vs Strength of Character

Whites #FFFFFF
Acidic Sea Foam #00FFCA
Concrete #F3F3F3
Electric Blue: #35EEFF
Cool Charcoal #303036
Heliotrope #CB64FF
Gunmetal #060916
Brilliant Rose #FF4DA0
Black #000000