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Daedalus Ink Branding, Website Redesign & Marketing

Go back Read the Case Study This marketing case study is personal for me As a new freelancer, I knew that working on marketing for Daedalus Ink would be an experience that I would always cherish. is owned my father, a man who spent nearly 20 years of my childhood in prison. Being able to work with my dad on this project was a way for us to continue to grow and develop our relationship. Daedalus Ink is a project by my dad created to tell stories of his life and share his experiences. Services Provided Visit Daedalus ink

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About Me

I’m the swiss-army-knife of digital marketers (you kind of have to be as a freelancer, it seems). I’m passionate about learning everything I need to to make a project successful. I began my career with graphic design, even before I obtained my BBA in Marketing. I’ve since worked in advertising, web design, project management, and content marketing. I also record and produce podcasts, and produce music for fun on the side. I have a dog named, Gracie, who likes to growl at my boyfriend for no reason whatsoever.

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