A Seed Long Since Blown Far, Far Away

I like to look down at my feet. These days they are the only thing that look familiar.  Yet always they are framed by new, like the long windy grass that I walked on when I walked through the first park I visited here. Or cracks in the pavement that seem to have existed many years before my arrival. This country was the country of my grandparents before they risked everything to leave it. I am just a visitor, a seed of a seed that’s long since been blown far away in the wind. And I am not a natural

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white and blue plastic tool

We’re Thinking of Buying a Used EV

It’s really interesting that in the last 10 years or so EVs have managed to become more and more mainstream, and yet, the infrastructure, the cars themselves, and the understanding of how electric cars will fit into our lives are still needing a ton of development. The idea of owning an electric car is often heralded as an environmentally conscious choice, not something that you would do because the technology is advantageous in some way. But the reality is that EVs are not hand over fist better for the environment during the first 5 years or so of an Electric

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low angle photography of green trees during daytime

5 Eco-Startups and How to Support Them:

It’s all too easy to say that on Earth Day we should visit a park, donate to a cause, sign a petition and call it a day, but the five organizations we’re talking about today don’t celebrate the earth just one day a year. They work relentlessly day in and day out to make progress towards driving biodiversity, decarbonizing the atmosphere, and educating the public in fun and creative ways. That’s why we thought it would be amazing to give these organizations a shout-out on one of our favorite holidays — because, let’s be real. If the earth doesn’t survive,

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How to create a post on a WordPress website

By some estimates, WordPress accounts for over 54% of internet websites. It has a huge range of themes, plugins, and widgets to help you build your website in minutes or even hours. In addition, WordPress is super-easy to use and can be customized to suit your needs. I recommend WordPress over other options for small to mid-size business owners because it is easy to use and maintain but versatile enough to meet almost all the needs of small businesses. Another thing that makes WordPress great is that you don’t have to be a web developer to create new content for

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freelancer deciding that it is worth it to freelance

Is Freelancing Worth It? An In-Depth Analysis For Those on the Fence

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling corporate job, dreaming of a life of independence, but worried about taking the plunge into freelancing? Maybe you’re not happy with your salary, but you’re just worried that the entrepreneurial life is only for the brave and the bold. And perhaps you’re thinking, “I feel like my life is going nowhere, but I don’t know if I have the courage to quit my current job and start freelancing.” Well, you’re not alone. Many people worry over this kind of decision, and for good reason. It’s a giant leap, both in terms of time and

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A Small Podcaster Who Got 3 Imporant Things Wrong

3 Things Most Small Podcasts Get Completely Wrong

Starting out a podcast is not a walk in the park. Sure, it’s a lot of fun. But if we’re comparing this type of business — or really any type of business — to a physical activity, I’d be more likely to use a rigorous and grueling triathlon as my metaphor of choice. And anyone that’s ever participated in a triathlon will tell you, the work doesn’t begin on the day of the competition. There’s so much training and work athletes will put in before ever even enrolling in competitions. It seems though that many podcasters do not put in

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Case Studies

Daedalus Ink Branding, Website Redesign & Marketing

Go back Read the Case Study This marketing case study is personal for me As a new freelancer, I knew that working on marketing for Daedalus Ink would be an experience that I would always cherish. DeadalusInk.com is owned my father, a man who spent nearly 20 years of my childhood in prison. Being able to work with my dad on this project was a way for us to continue to grow and develop our relationship. Daedalus Ink is a project by my dad created to tell stories of his life and share his experiences. Services Provided Visit Daedalus ink

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